The team at Freight Express Limited are seasoned logistics professionals who care about providing our customers – from individuals to large organisations – with dependable and suitable solutions to every transport requirement. Delivering all types of parcel and goods from small cartons to multiple large s, Freight Express will tailor-make our courier services to match your needs.Timely and safe delivery of your goods, packages, tools or equipment by our skilled, professional drivers is our commitment to you. We guarantee a cost-effective service. Our network of drivers delivers your consignments Australia wide.

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Our fast delivery services combinded with our fast intergrated in house software and tracking service allows us to ensure that your deivery get to you as fast as possible. Our services are monitored frequently by our operations staff who endavor to keep in contact with you via our customer portal and live chat services.

Good Approach

Our team will help porovide you a service tailored to your needs with out any pressure. You are our priority.

Great Ideas

Our staff with thier extencive experience have your best interest at hand. We can offer you are range of different services to help you decide which is the best suited for your business.

Save Money

Time is money, speed and accuracy, efficency which is what we specalise in with our years of serivce in this filed.

Easy Customize

We can modifiy our system to intergate with yours via api, layouts, csv, gps, live tracking, etc.. .

Detailed Report

Various reporting tools are at your finger tips, invocies, pass jobs, pass POD's all avalible to you.


In house software to ensure fast delivery services combinded with our tracking service allows us to ensure that your deivery arrives on time.

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Send us your transport inquiry – we are pleased to send you an offer without obligation. Our solutions are tailored on your individual requirements.